Final Programme

Friday 28th morning

8.00 - Registration and welcome

8.30 - Introduction

9.00 - 10.20 Session 1. Definition of the bone marrow adipocyte, and functions of Bone Marrow Adiposity

Chairs : Hans Van Leeuwen, Pierre Hardouin

- Inv1  : Bone marrow adipocytes: phenotype and function. Beata Lecka Czernik (USA)
- Inv2 : Gene expression of human bone marrow adipocytes. Antonella Poloni (Italy)
- O1 : Housing Growing Mice at Thermoneutral Temperature (32°C) Increases Cancellous Bone Volume Fraction and Marrow AdiposityUrszula Iwaniec (USA).WITHDRAWN.
- O2 : Bone marrow is an important contributor to white adipose tissue adipogenesis in man. Peter Arner (Sweden)

Inv.: Invited lecture 20+5; O: Oral communication 10+5


10.20 - 11.00 Coffee break and posters: Odd Poster Numbers

11.00 - 12.45 Session 2. Bone marrow adipocyte: Differentiation and interaction with its microenvironment

Chairs : Paolo Bianco, Christian Dani

- Inv3: A New Concept Underlying Stem Cell Lineage Skewing That Explains the Detrimental Effects of Thiazolidinediones on Bone. Hans Van Leeuwen (Netherlands)
- Inv4: Regulation of adipogensis and osteoblastogensis of skeletal stem cells: Role of secreted factors. Moustapha Kassem (Denmark)
- Inv5: Vascular environment of bone marrow adiposity. Marie-Hélène Lafage-Proust (France)
- O3: Human Bone marrow Adipocytes Block Erythropoiesis Through Neuropilin-1 independent Cell Contact. Zakia Belaid-Choucai (France)
- O4: Impact of adipocyte differentiation on osteoblast population: Insight on in vitro models. Aline Clabaut (France)

Inv.: Invited lecture 20+5; O: Oral communication 10+5


12.45 – Official picture of the Meeting

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

Friday 28th afternoon

14.00 – 15.05 Session 3. Imaging and characterization of bone marrow adipocytes

Chairs: Marie-Hélène Lafage-Proust, Guillaume Penel

- Inv6: Visualization and quantification of bone marrow adipose tissue in vivo. Mark C. Horowitz (USA)
- Inv7: MRI perfusion of bone marrow. Jean-François Budzik (France)
- O5: Adipocytes derived from human Pluripotent Stem Cells : subcutaneous-, visceral- or medullar-like adipocytes ? Christian Dani (France)

Inv.: Invited lecture 20+5; O: Oral communication 10+5

15.05 - 16.00 Coffee break and posters: Even Poster Numbers

16.00 – 17.45 Session 4. Endocrine and cellular Metabolism

Chairs: Beata Lecka-Czernick, Moustapha Kassem

- O6: Mt1-Mmp mediated proteolysis in osteogenic cells is essential for retention of multipotent bone marrow stromal stem/progenitors and attenuation of marrow adipogenic differentiation through DLK1-shedding. Kenn Holmbeck (USA)
- O7: Adipocyte lipoprotein lipase links systemic lipid transport to bone matrix and bone marrow fatty acid profile. Andreas Niemeier (Germany)
- O8: Hdac3 suppresses bone marrow adiposity by inhibiting lipid storage and glucocorticoid responses in osteoblast progenitors. Jennifer Westendorf (USA)
- O9: Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue Is an Endocrine Organ that Contributes to Increased Circulating Adiponectin during Caloric Restriction. William Cawthorn (UK)
- O10: Effects of bariatric surgery on bone marrow fat glucose and free fatty acid metabolism in morbidly obese humans. Tam Pham (Finland)
- O11: Metformin regulates the differentiation of murine mesenchymal stem cells via AMPK-independent suppression of p70s6-kinase. Suet Ching Chen (UK)
- O12: Bone marrow fat: a novel distinct fat depot. Tam Pham (Finland)

O: Oral communication 10+5

20.00: Gala dinner

Saturday 29th morning

8.30 – 9.50 Session 5. Bone marrow adipocytes: Physiopathology and therapeutic perspectives (1)

Chairs: Mark Horowitz, Bernard Cortet

- Inv8: Physiopathology of Bone Marrow Adiposity. Clifford J Rosen (USA)
- Inv9: Wnt and adipocytes in type 2 diabetes. Martina Rauner (Germany)
- O13: Reduced bone mass and excessive bone marrow adiposity in mice lacking the intracellular catenins p120ctn and a-E-catenin in skeletal progenitors. Evi Mercken (Belgium)
- O14: A specific pathogenetic role of bone marrow adipocytes in Fibrous Dysplasia. Paolo Bianco (Rome, Italy)

Inv.: Invited lecture 20+5; O: Oral communication 10+5

9.50 – 10.30 Coffee break and posters: All Posters

10.30 – 12.05 Session 6. Bone marrow adipocytes: Physiopathology and therapeutic perspectives (2)

Chairs: Isabella Podgorski, Martine Duterque

- Inv10: The bone marrow adipocyte: an emerging role in cancer-induced bone diseases. Claire Edwards (UK)
- Inv11: Bone marrow adiposity and fractures. Åshild Bjørnerem (Norway)
- O15: Association between bone marrow adiposity and bone turnover before and after raloxifene. Kerensa Beekman (Netherlands)
- O16: Human RANKL overexpression in transgenic mice leads to trabecular bone loss, cortical porosity and bone marrow adiposity. Eleni Douni (Greece)
- O17: Short-term effect of estrogen on human bone marrow fat. Eelkje Limonard (Netherlands)

Inv.: Invited lecture 20+5; O: Oral communication 10+5

12.05 – 13.00 Session 7.

- Concluding remarks: Overall overview of the meeting. Clifford Rosen (USA) and Pierre Marie (France)
- Next meeting? Towards an European cooperative network? Pierre Hardouin (France)

13.00 Lunch

14h00 End of the meeting

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