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Some data about the meeting. The two-day meeting on bone marrow adiposity (BMA) was held in Lille (France) on 28–29 August 2015. The meeting was co-organized by P. Hardouin and P.J. Marie and was hosted by the University of Lille. This is the first time that an international meeting covering all aspects of this emerging field was organized. The underlying idea was to give the opportunity for physicians and scientists interested in BMA but from different fields (cell biology, fat, bone, cancer, imaging, obesity and diabetes) to share their results and to exchange their views on this subject. There were over 130 delegates from fifteen countries who attended the meeting.

You missed this wonderful congress or need a synthesis of the main topics that were discussed? A paper presenting  a compendium of the presentations as summarized by individual authors was published (New insights into bone marrow adipocytes: Report from the First European Meeting on Bone Marrow Adiposity (BMA 2015).